Roller Derby Dash version 2.0 now unleashed on the App store

Roller Derby Dash v2.0 now unleashed on the iOS App Store

What’s new:

  • A radioactive bug bit the app and endowed the jammers with super powers. Hip-check your opponents to increase the power meter. Double-tap your jammer to activate the power when the meter is full.
  • Radom bits and bytes from the update have coalesced to form a new team, the Demon Wind Rollers. There’s a new street track and a cool little teleport power.
  • New sounds and new graphics have been added.
  • Also a bunch of boring coding stuff.

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Upcoming update for Roller Derby Dash

Another update for Roller Derby Dash coming soon! New for this version, special powers for each team. Nikki will be able to knock down all other players on screen. Britney will be able to engage hyper speed. These new powers can be engaged after successfully body checking your opponents.

Check out the short video below.


Roller Derby Dash Trailer #2

It’s been a while, but I’ve been busy updating the game. Soon you’ll be able to choose between two teams, the Team Red remains your classic Roller Derby Dash experience. Team Blue plays much faster, but with more risk if you get knocked down!

Check out the fancy new trailer.


Roller Derby Dash available on the App Store!

TORONTO, April 18th, 2016 - Utara Works Inc. is proud to announce the availability of their first ever game, Roller Derby Dash for iPhones and iPads.

Roller Derby Dash mixes non-stop side-scrolling racing action with a dose of strategy and, of course, Roller Derby!

Just as with real-life Roller Derby, you play both offence and defence at the same time. Control your jammer to score points on the opposing team. Take charge of your blockers as well, positioning them strategically to block, hip-check and whip your jammer forwards. Defend from being passed by the opponents jammer - that would mean it's game over.

Get the game from the iOS App Store,

There’s also a short and sweet gameplay trailer on YouTube,

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Utara Works Inc. is Toronto based independent  game developer focused on making fun, engaging and quick-to-play games. Visit us at or on Twitter @utaraworksinc.

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Making a short tutorial for Roller Derby Dash

Roller Derby Dash is not your typical game. Despite the simple game mechanic, there still is an initial “What do I do now?” moment. Believe me, I’ve tested it on a bunch of people.


I hate tutorials. Games should be intuitive.


There are certain things that help it be a bit more intuitive, for example, when selecting a moveable character, a little icon appears above the character. There is, however, only so much that can be done in terms of discovery and action/reaction without making the game overly cumbersome and detracting from what should be a simple game. At some point, for people to enjoy the game, they have to be exposed to the game mechanics.


Enter, the big bad tutorial.


Since I wanted to keep it simple (plus I’m on a shoestring budget here!), I started with a couple screenshots. My loyal test subjects (aka beta testers) noticed this and commented on the comic-like look it added to the game. This led me down the path of making it more fun and engaging by making it into a mini comic book. As well, this allows for a small degree of story telling that I did not expect to be able to expose in the game.


I started with just hardcoding image values in the game.


But then the idea occurred to me that I should be able to evolve the tutorial into a story for future additions to the game.


After game release, look out for future use of these mini comics. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of the tutorial images!