Roller Derby Dash

A game of strategy, adrenaline and Roller Derby!



As lead jammer, dash through an infinite number of opponents before they could knock you to the back of the pack. Control your teammates to block, hip check and whip you forward. Watch out for the other jammer, don't let her lap you!

Roller Derby Dash is a, you guessed it, Roller Derby themed side-scrolling racing game that mixes in a strong dose of strategy as you try to figure out how to score points by passing your opponents and using your teammates to move forwards to victory. It's almost, but not quite, as exciting as the real thing!

Currently Roller Derby Dash is available on iOS 9.0+ only. Keep an eye out for the Android version.


Roller Derby Dash Beta Gameplay video





In preparation for the release of Roller Derby Dash on iOS, here's a new trailer showing some of the unique game play features.






Gameplay video on an iPhone 6s from a beta build. See if you can spot the changes between the release and beta versions.


Roller Derby Dash Beta Gameplay video


  • Play as a lead jammer for your team
  • Control your other teammates for strategic advantage
  • Block your opponents and perform hip checks
  • Watch out for the other team's jammer, once she passes you, the game is over!
  • Just like in Roller Derby, you play both offense, trying to score points, and defense, stopping the other jammer, at the same time.
  • Your opponents get increasingly challenging the longer you play.
  • Jam along to your own tunes as you play.



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